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7 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Home is Safe for Children

Published by Resource on June 11, 2021 in category: Safety Advice with tags:

911 Restoration truck in front of houseBeing a homeowner is a full-time job, and so is being a parent. These days, a lot of parents are spending more time at home. This allows them to spot safety issues within the home that they might not have noticed before. 

Every parent’s goal is to ensure their home is as safe as possible for their children, especially for babies. 

Here are 7 ways to not only help you child-proof your home, but create a secure environment for the entire family:

  1. Use Baby Gates — There’s a reason why baby gates are among the most purchased safety items. That’s because they can cordon your baby off in a single, safe area, keeping them away from dangerous areas of your home. Be aware, though, that the gate should be high enough that your baby cannot climb over it, as babies tend to climb.
  2. Keep Large and/or Harmful Objects out of Reach — Babies also like to grab things that catch their eyes, so place large objects that can come crashing down out of their reach. This can also include certain toys. Be aware that as soon as a toy is brought into the house, children will immediately be drawn to it. Furthermore, some toys are not meant for babies. So, if your baby has older siblings, keep their age-appropriate toys out of the baby’s reach.
  3. Secure Sharp Objects and Things that Burn — This is especially important in the kitchen, where you will most likely have knives. Additionally, while cooking, keep your hot pots and pans at the back of the stove so your kids can’t reach them.
  4. Set Electrical Appliances Apart — Children are fascinated by electrical gadgets. However, many of them are dangerous for kids so place them out of reach, preferably on tall shelves.
  5. Furnish your House with Safe Furniture — We all want our homes to look nice, but when you have kids you sometimes have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety. This means choosing furniture with soft, rounded edges, for example, so your baby won’t hurt him or herself when crawling around and playing with everything they see.
  6. Choose a Proper Pet — Pets bring great joy to a family, but some are not safe to have around children, especially babies. Pets should be well-behaved and not too large, as some don’t know their own strength and can hurt kids even when they’re playing. If you do have larger and/or aggressive pets, make sure they are trained properly so they can peacefully coexist with your children.
  7. Beef up your Home Security — Unfortunately, we live in a world where crime is commonplace. But you can prevent home burglaries, for instance, with a state-of-the-art security system, which keeps kids and parents alike safe. One of the surest and cheapest ways to thwart burglars is to simply keep all the windows in your home shut and secure at night when everyone is asleep. The most effective security apparatus in your home should be found in your child’s room.

Parents should always understand the needs of their children to keep them safe, which also teaches them how to be responsible when they become adults. 

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